Consider McDaid Pharmacy for 100 Genuine Medicines & Products

Consider McDaid Pharmacy for 100 Genuine Medicines & Products

At McDaid’s, the customers are provided with access to 100% genuine medicines and healthcare products. McDaid Pharmacy is known for the quality, genuine medicine, and affordable pricing. Visit to get a better idea about the popular and authentic pharmacy located in Ireland. It is a family-owned group of chemists located in the border counties both north and south of Ireland. 

About McDaid Pharmacy 

McDaid was established with a crystal vision to market and sell products (medicines and all related to healthcare, etc.) from all leading national and multinational pharmaceutical companies. With a good network of stores all over Ireland and qualified pharmacists on duty, McDaid differentiates itself with its focus on exceptional customer service. It has stores which fit well on international standards. McDaid presently has around 10 stores operational located in the border counties both north and south of Ireland. To find the store near you, just click on the store locator navigation.  Visit to find the navigation for a store locator, and check the website to learn deeply about the pharmacy and its products.

Why is McDaid Pharmacy Different from Others?

Easy Access: Since the pharmacy has around 10 stores nationwide, you have easy access to the stores. Besides, you can also place orders online for any medicine or products offered at McDaid’s Pharmacy. Customers are always treated with high importance no matter you use the online or physical store to buy the medicine and other products. For online orders, they can be placed through a dedicated hotline, through the contact us page on the website, and the social media platforms of the company. 

One-Stop Solution: At McDaid, customers are provided with all of their healthcare needs – medicines, vitamins, supplements, medical equipment, and other products such as beauty care, skincare, men and women’s essentials, gift items, and others. For details, visit

Trust: Trust is what is very carefully sought by McDaid. Customer satisfaction is always taken into consideration. To earn customer’s trust, McDaid offers only 100% genuine medicines and other products. It also works with known brands to sell its products in its stores. McDaid does supplier audits and uses temperature-controlled warehouses, vans, and stores to provide the help the products reach the customers in perfect condition. There is no compromise on quality standards. Read more about how the procedure is done for quality maintenance.

McDaid’s Niche

McDaid’s niche includes a pharmacy, healthcare, OTC medications, beauty, vitamins, supplements, and gift items. It also seeks to expand its product range in near future. Stay tuned to learn more about new additions. 

Free Delivery and Click and Collect Service

McDaid also offers free shipment on the order of €25 or above. Besides the customers may also avail the facility of click and collect service. This way, the order can be placed online and the product can be collected from the store. Visit to check the special offers to check which entices you to buy.

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