Enter 2021 With the Best Web App Development Trends

Enter 2021 With the Best Web App Development Trends

As we move forward in the digital age, the technologies, trends, and everything else keeps evolving and changing. Therefore, there may be many things we are yet to encounter. 

However, with significant market study and years of experience as a web applications development company, we can predict what trends have the highest potential of coming to life in 2021. 

Considering the rapid rate at which technology grows, it becomes crucial to match the pace of emerging web trends. This is the smartest way to ensure fast business growth and users’ affection towards your project. 

Now, many entrepreneurs focus more on the quality of their product but not on the portal’s quality to promote their product. 

Let us elaborate! 

You must develop a stunning web application, keeping in mind the recent trends if you wish to sway away your audience in the wind of your brand. 


According to statistics in a recent survey, 77% of digital agencies have realized that their poor performance owes to a poorly designed web app with poor UI/UX. 

You can identify the significance of new trends if you analyze the growing demand for online stores. Almost every business owner engaged in e-commerce has developed her/his own web application. As a result, more developers are exerting in developing more incredible web applications with better functionalities.

The progression of the market suggests that:

  1. The online sales market sees an increase of 20% every year and is expected to rise to $4 trillion in 2021. 
  2. 51% of people in America prefer to do online shopping, according to Bigcommerce.
  3. As per Hubspot’s report, around 47% of the visitors on the website look through the company’s services/product page before checking out anything else
  4. More than 38% of users will drop out of your website if you fail to provide them with an attractive one.

The trends you must follow for proper custom web application development: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots:

You have to be quick to survive in business- a little lag in your services, and your audience will switch to your competitors. And what will ensure you stay in constant communication with your beloved users? – Chatbots! 

They allow all your customer care executives to get in direct chat with your users eliminating the long and hectic process of involving a manager. 

Chatbots have indeed been used in the past as well, but in 2021 we can expect to see a rise in the integration of chatbots into web applications. Why? Because of the convenience and reliability, it provides to your users. 

With chatbots, you can be available to your users 24*7- that means literally anytime they wish to connect with you, they can! Therefore, a greater bond will be created between your users and your brand. In fact, many studies point towards a prediction that suggests 85% of companies will eliminate human assistance by 2021. 

Benefits of AI-based chatbots: 

  1. A rise in lead generation
  2. Improved customer service
  3. Increased customer engagement 
  4. Provides a personalized communication 
  5. Automate the workflow. 
  • Motion UI:

Motions UI is just the right element you can integrate into your web application to grab your user’s attention and keep them hooked to your project. You can deliver relevant information to your website users via motion UI; all they have to do is focus on the appropriate location.

This strategy is considered one of the best strategies effective enough to take your business to cloud9. Motion UI is a guarantee of simplicity and attractiveness. And it is also something fresh since most users have become accustomed to GIFs and flashing ads- they want something different now. So, web developers can design moderate web applications with attractive motion UI and still manage to generate maximum output and appreciation from users. 

Benefits of motion UI:

  1. Grab your user’s attention
  2. Add engaging elements
  3. Help users understand your core concept
  4. Replace boring components with interesting ones

You can consult any web application development company if you want to gain a more in-depth knowledge of how Motion UI can benefit your project. 

  • Video Content and Moving Backgrounds: 

Just like motion UI, another smartest way of gaining your user’s love and attention is via video content or moving backgrounds. It is an excellent way to increase your product/services’ demand as your users find your web app more appealing and worthy. 

Always remember, what pleases the eye attracts the users! 

On average, a user plays three out of every four videos they see. Therefore, there could be nothing better to look presentable in front of your users than to offer video content. In simpler words, if you need to increase conversions, this can prove to be highly influential and persuasive. 

Statistics suggest that video content can potentially increase a business’s sales by up to 85% if integrated and appropriately made. Many predictions based on market progression indicate that by 2021 almost every online store will engage in video content. 

Many other statistics suggest that video content can increase purchase intent by 97% and the CTR by 200-300%. What’s more, we can see a rise in new video content and HD videos in the current market. Thus, creating closer to perfect video content or moving background for your post has become necessary in contemporary times. 

Advantages of video content:

  1. Can efficiently and attractively deliver information
  2. Create a superb online presence
  3. Enhance brand awareness
  4. Boosts sales and conversions


The trends mentioned above are significant to keep up with the rapidly growing pace of technology. Therefore, they also serve as the secret to excellent custom web application development for your brand and product. 

Many other trends can help you escalate your business, such as social selling, integration of push notifications, progressive web apps, single-page websites, etc. 

The deeper you go into technology, the more you will encounter various trends in the way. And it is crucial to be aware of every trend that comes your way. 

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