Euro 2020’s top five goalkeepers

Euro 2020’s top five goalkeepers


Euro 2020 has ended in a whirlwind with well-deserving Italy as the champions, leaving England to extend their misery for a while longer. Several unfortunate incidents followed the results of the finals, and according to recent updates, the London police have released images of ten men sought in connection with violence and disorder at Wembley.

Now that the most anticipated tournament is over, it is time to analyze various players’ performances who played significant roles in their team’s success. Many have crowned Gianluigi Donnarumma as the MVP in the Euro 2020 as he was crucial in securing Italy’s success, pride and honour. Let’s have a look at the rest of the Euro 2020’s top five goalkeepers.

  • Thibaut Courtois (Belgium / Real Madrid)

Courtois was integral to Belgium knocking out defending champions Portugal. He impressed the crowds, especially with a fantastic save against world-class player Cristiano Ronaldo, along with Thorgan Hazard’s 43rd-minute strike. Although there was a chance for Portugal to equalize with a first-half free-kick taken by Ronaldo, he failed to dominate Courtois, who saved it and helped Belgium knock Portugal out.

Although Ronaldo was visibly frustrated, he seemed to congratulate the goalkeeper on the crucial save. Courtois also appears in Sportingbet’s list of Premier League’s Greatest Goalkeepers for maintaining 39 clean sheets after their first 100 games.

  • Tomas Vaclik (the Czech Republic / Olympiacos

Vaclik is most notably recognized for his mind-blowing performance in Czech Republic’s match against The Netherlands where he kept a clean sheet. Calm and composed, Tomas Vaclik proved to be a valuable asset as through their five games at the Euros, they only conceded four goals. Vaclik also compliments Patrik Schick and company perfectly, and they were allowed to play a much more offensive game.

  • Yann Sommer (Switzerland / Borussia Mönchengladbach)

Sommer was quite busy this Euro 2020 season as he made the most saves (21) out of all goalkeepers. He was nothing short of heroic for Switzerland, and he was certainly their MVP. Although he only played five games, he managed to prevent 21 goalbound shots from meeting the back of the net, including his brilliant penalty save against Kylian Mbappe. We wouldn’t be surprised if Switzerland select him as their number one choice for years to come if need be.

  • Jordan Pickford (England / Everton)

Gareth Southgate’s decision to place Pickford as England’s goalkeeper turned out to be fantastic. Although he received criticism for it since his performances were questionable last season, Pickford has redeemed himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world with the Euro 2020. He conceded only two goals from seven games, however, in all fairness, England’s defensive base was solid and impregnable. Nonetheless, it is an impressive feat. Pickford also tops the charts for most clean sheets (5), followed by Thibaut Courtois and Gianluigi Donnarumma. Not only this, but he also proved to be useful in providing highly accurate long balls to England’s attacking players, giving them a counterattacking advantage.

  • Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy / Paris Saint-Germain)

Donnarumma is now known worldwide for his awe-inspiring performance in the Euro 2020. The 22-year-old proved to be a key part of Azzurri’s success, and he is also the first goalkeeper to receive the Player of the Tournament award. Days after winning the Euro 2020, Donnarumma has joined Paris Saint-Germain, who were impressed with his skills and abilities.

On the move, he said: “I am delighted to be part of this huge club. I feel ready to take on this new challenge and continue to grow here.

“With Paris, I want to win as much as possible and to bring joy to the supporters.”


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