GLEB FETISOV. : А successful person must have multiple interests

GLEB FETISOV. : А successful person must have multiple interests


Table of Contents:

  •     Summary of Gleb Fetisov’s brief biography
  •     Gleb Fetisov and his interest  in polo
  •     Gleb Fetisov competes in the  POLO RIDER CUPtournament

Summary of Gleb Fetisov’s brief biography

Gleb Gennadyevich Fetisov was born in 1966 in Electrostal, Moscow Region. Since childhood he liked to study and later graduated from school as an all-honors student. Then he joined the Faculty of Economics at MSU, and graduated at the top of his class in 1988.

Gleb Fetisov has written a lot of articles and tutorials for students, a number of books  on the economic and financial sectors with a particular interest in the Russian banking system. He is the author of over 100 scientific publications (200 printed sheets in total), and his research papers have been acknowledged by academia.

Gleb Fetisov is a member of prestigious Russian and international academic institutions, such as the Scientific Prediction and Coordination Council at Russian Academy of Sciences, and Boards of Trustees at different scientific communities. He is a Doctor of Economics. In 2007, he was awarded the degree of Professor.

Cinema is another field of interest for  the businessman. He is a successful producer having released such movies as Loveless by Andrey Zvyagintsev, and Sobibor by Konstantin Khabensky.

Gleb Fetisov is married and has three children: two sons and one daughter.

Gleb Fetisov and his interest   in polo

Polo, along with golf and sailing,  are among the sports favored by the businessman. Since a child, he played  chess; then he grew fond of tennis, golf and, eventually, polo. Polo is a team sport played on horseback. The game requires players to keep their focus all the time, be agile, and have a lot of stamina.

Gleb Fetisov competes the POLO RIDER CUP prestigious tournament POLO RIDER CUP


From the  10th through the 20th of June, 2021, the town of Chantilly in the north of France hosted the prestigious international tournament POLO RIDER CUP. It was attended by 12 teams including players from the Polo Club of Moscow. The team consisted of:Mikhail Rodzianko (the team captain  and Director of the club), French players Edward Pun and Simon Zvaleta, as well as  Gleb Fetisov.

This event  was the debut of the Russian club in such a competitive environment, nevertheless, the team performed well  and managed to pose a formidable challenge to high-profile rivals.

The first day of the tournament saw the match against Polo Park Zurich. The game was strenuous and ended up with a score of 6:11 in favor of the Swiss. But on June 14, the Moscow polo club team managed to overwhelm strong  and experienced opponents representing Polo Club Düsseldorf. The match ended up with a score of 8:7 in favor of Gleb Fetisov’s team.


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