New York wedding with 10,000 guests banned due to COVID-19

New York wedding with 10,000 guests banned due to COVID-19

This week, the NY officials banned a wedding that was expected to have 10,000 attendees amid the COVID-19 pandemic, confirmed the Governor Andrew Cuomo.

During a press meet, Cuomo said that the officials probed the planned wedding that would be violating restrictions on huge gatherings in NY amid the pandemic. 

Howard Zucker, the State Health Commissioner signed one order that states that one cannot host a wedding in such locations that’s more than the allowed gathering guidance, said Cuomo.

The wedding was all set to be hosted on Monday in Williamsburg. But, it was not within the targeted yellow, orange and red zones tracking the clusters of coronavirus cases.

Special counsel & senior adviser to the governor, Beth Garvey said that the officials haven’t received a response to Zucker’s order yet, though individuals served with health notices have the right to request hearing.

The city is well aware of the fact and he is sure that the officials are going to keep proper check on people monitoring, added Cuomo. 

On Saturday, Cuomo further announced one new microcluster strategy to combat COVID-19 in the fall as well as winter by focusing on documented cases in each block. The officials know where new cases are really coming from, he added.

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