By choosing a famous and reputable brand in the skateboarding industry, new skaters can be assured of the quality and the performance of the products. However, without enough knowledge and experience in purchasing skateboards, finding the best skateboard which suits their needs may be quite challenging.

According to experts, there are several factors that make a company go far beyond others in manufacturing skateboards. In today’s article, I will introduce to you top skateboard brands on the market based on my knowledge. However, there may be other new brands which also provide excellent products but I haven’t known yet. Therefore, new skaters should take my following review as a reference in buying their first skateboards.


This brand is categorized in the low-priced class which has a reasonable price but is still suitable for doing tricks and turns. The company aims to attract amateurs who are into the eye-catching graphics on the deck.

The most interesting thing about Minority Skateboards is that they have the lower deck material designed to conquer staircase drills and rods. However, only amateurs can satisfy with these boards since once you get some skills, you may need to upgrade your board to an advanced level.


This should be the best skateboard brand in the world. Element Skateboard was founded in 1992 by a professional skater named Johnny Schillereff. The company’s products are suitable for skill riding and advanced tricks in skateboarding. Also, skaters can be assured of the durability since their products are able to withstand high levels of vibration and prevent chipping and snapping.

Although the skateboards are manufactured by using advanced technology, this brand only belongs to the mid-budget levels. Additionally, Element Skateboard also produces other accessories for skateboard lovers. After all, this brand with unmatchable attributes and high-quality products at an affordable price makes it become the winner in this competition. 


WeSkate is famous for kids’ products rather than for adult skaters. Skateboards of this brand are made of high-quality maple wood and have great wheels, trucks, and bearings. Also, if you are looking for electric skateboards, this company offers some products as well. 

The brand guarantees their customers durability, strong construction, stability, and better grip. With these features, beginners won’t need to make too much effort in learning to skateboard. In comparison with other brands, WeSkate offers cheaper skateboards so it would be the perfect board for your children. 

The thing I love most is the high precision in the mechanism which will ensure the rider’s safety and mobility during practicing. Furthermore, the company also promotes water-resistant grip tape which will increase the traction between the deck and your feet. PLAN B SKATEBOARD

Plan B releases several products in different categories from Mini to Pro skateboards. Each family of skateboards has different features and specifications which are specially designed to suit a specific group of skateboarders. 

Hence, if you are struggling to find the best skateboards for beginners, go for a Plan B skateboard without thinking twice. The company offers both complete skateboards and customized products; therefore, skaters will have wider choices for their needs. 

In terms of quality, I can assure you of the durability and strength of their products. Each skateboard has to pass several tests before getting to customers’ hands. Therefore, don’t hesitate to purchase from a reliable company like Plan B or Element.


Instead of using the traditional material like maple wood, Blind skateboards are made of carbon fiber together with epoxy resin on the stress points which provides riders greater strength but still keeps the durability and flexibility. 

However, what makes Blind skateboards popular is not their extra-strong decks but the low price. Moreover, if you are looking for a cool vibe for your skating session, you may be impressed by the eye-catching graphics on the deck. With the enhancement of grip on the deck, riders won’t need to worry about slipping while performing tricks. 


Another well-known brand for manufacturing beginner skateboards is Krown Skateboard. With so much enthusiasm in creating new products for amateur skateboarders, this brand has got the loyalty of many customers. 

In Known skateboards, riders can experience a comfortable ride since the skateboards usually have a more concave shape on the deck together with aluminum trucks and durable urethane wheels. To sum up, when referring to Krown skateboards,  I only need to say “versatile”. Therefore, if you are desperately looking for cheap products for beginners with good quality, I strongly recommend you get a Krown skateboard. 


I wouldn’t say this article provides you enough information about different skateboard brands on the market; however, these are taken from my experience in helping many new skateboarders pick their first skateboard. No matter which brand you choose, the quality, the price, the material, and the design should be considered carefully. In conclusion, I hope that you can purchase the best beginner skateboards and have a great experience with skateboarding.


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