Program Fios Universal Remote Control

Program Fios Universal Remote Control

There are somany remote codes out there. All of them are specified with the brands. You can program your Fios remote control by using them. Some of the Big brands’ codes are given here

Programming of FiOS universal remote control with remote codes

Below are the steps involved in programming FiOS remote control with FiOS remote codes. This is also called the manual method to program FiOS remote control.

  1. Turn the device ON that you want to control with FiOS remote control by pression the POWER button on the device.
  2. Make sure to turn ON the FiOS set-up box.
  3. Press and hold the 0 and OK buttons for several seconds. When the LED light of the remote control starts to blink, release the buttons.
  4. Enter the code that you have chosen from the list. It would be a three digit code, but for most of the brands you would nneed to enter 0 in front of the code.Press the CH+ button twice after entering the code.
  5. If the code that you have enter is correct, device will turn off. Release the play button after this.
  6. Now press the TV POWER button to turn ON the device. In order to check that whether the remote is programmed correctly or not, press any button i.e. VOL button to increase or decrease the volume, if it works that means remote is programmed correctly and now you need to save the settings.
  7. Press OK on the remote to save the codes. LED light would appear to be blinking twice indicating that your remote is programmed correctly with your remote by the code search method.

Programming of FiOS Remote Control without codes

First, try to program your FiOS remote control with codes given in the manual. But might not work so you would have to search for the device to program it. Below are the steps are given to Program your FiOS universal remote control without codes.

  1. Turn the device ON that you want to pair with FiOS remote control
  2. Press and hold the device button on the remote and then press OK and release the button. The mode button would appear to be blinking twice indicating that the remote is in searching mode.
  3. Enter the three-digit code (9-2-2)
  4. Click on the PLAY button while pointing the remote at the device.
  5. Press the Fast Forward button repeatedly while scrolling through the codes until the device turns off.
  6. When the device turns off to save the correct code press OK, the remote will blink twice.

By following the above steps you would be able to program your FiOS Universal Remote control. Both the ways are correct to program the remote. All you need to search for the right code in the codes methods. If you are successful in finding the right code, then it is pretty easy to get your remote to work. Without codes method you just need to turn the search mode of the remote ON.

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