Taher Inc recalls around 11 tons of frozen meat products

Taher Inc recalls around 11 tons of frozen meat products

A Minnetonka company has recalled around 11 tons of its frozen meat items that were developed sans federal inspection, announced the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service on Saturday.

Taher Inc, a renowned contract food service management firm that serves schools, corporate dining facilities and senior living facilities, has recalled around meat products of around 22,096 pounds which were made and packaged from 25 February to 22 September this year, as per the USDA.

The frozen meat products that are recalled include 16 pound boxes which contain 4 bags of ‘Fresh Seasons Sloppy Joe’ and 16 pound boxes which contain 4 bags of ‘Fresh Seasons Tater Tot Hot Dish.’

These products had been shipped to the food service areas and institutions located in Minnesota, as per the USDA.

There’ve been no confirmed cases of illnesses so far caused due to the consumption of these products. However, the Food Safety and Inspection Service informed it’s concerned that a few products might still be stocked in the food service deep freezers.

The institutions as well as food service areas who’ve bought these frozen products are thereby urged to not serve them, said the USDA in a press release.

Spokeswoman for Taher, Jill Teut couldn’t comment on the matter.

Tim Bonner

Tim Bonner

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