The Power and Purpose of Anonymous Content

The Power and Purpose of Anonymous Content

There lies a great power in secrecy. The less someone knows the more attracted they become to the unknown. Mystery, throughout history, has been a tried and true weapon for many world leaders. It is in mystery that people find truth because the unknown is unbiased, untainted. When you come across a piece of content from an unknown source you don’t become affected by the spokesperson, you are strictly affected by the content.


Such is the power of anonymous content. That it has the ability to persuade beyond just personal affection to a specific person or entity. Without a face to attribute to the material, the reader or viewer is forced to relate to the content and only the content.  Nowadays it has become very common that people relate what they read to the source that is providing it. And so, regardless of the quality of the content, the reader is dismayed by the source. The information becomes irrelevant. That is a problem with how people receive information these days. They look past the quality and straight to the person providing it. In fact, for these people, content becomes less about information and more about what the provider is saying. To them, truth is whatever their favorite source says it is.


This is why the purpose of anonymous content is to break the barrier between the provider of the information and said information. To present knowledge or content or information from an unbiased unknown platform. Allowing people to receive the information as unfiltered, and then proceed to do what they want with it. After all, you cannot control what people do with the information they receive. But you can control how they receive it.


Anonymous content is important in doing just that. Whether it is from an independent news blog, or an anonymous social media account, or YouTube channel, whatever the medium is doesn’t matter if the main focus is presenting the content through a transparent lens.


The world needs anonymous content today more than ever because of the growing pattern of fake news accusations and information bias. People will dismiss a news article if it came from this news provider versus the other. However, through anonymous content, the reader will not be able to make that claim. In fact, they won’t be interested in. If the initial introduction to the information was not from the logo of a news source, then it may be that the reader will simply receive the information at face value and not second-guess it. Removing the obstacle of polarizing identity through the use of anonymity will succeed in allowing the reader to access the information directly without having to be deterred by the source of the information.

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