The Untold Truth About Eve Chilton Weinstein

The Untold Truth About Eve Chilton Weinstein

Who is Eve Chilton Weinstein

Eve Chilton Weinstein became born on Sept 1, 1955, in the United State of America; she has the nationality of America. She appeared after her marriage to controversial Harvey Weinstein who is a film producer.

Eve Chilton Weinstein, known as ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein, She is a woman with a commendable personality. She was married to Harvey Weinstein till seventeen years. When Harvey was accused of sexual harassment, So Eve Chilton Weinstein has taken divorce from him.

Eve Chelton Weinstein was popular even before her marriage because she came from a rich family. Her grandparents were also famous in the United States due to the fact that they had an international law firm that made a lot of money. But her popularity skyrocketed when she married Harvey Weinstein, one of America’s best film producers.

Education And Early Life

Eve Chilton Weinstein grew up in Boston, born to Tom and Mood Chilton, both of whom were involved in the legal business – her grandfather’s name is Edmund Randolph, who served as Secretary of State, and he based the first global law firm in the United States which name is Hunton and Williams. When she was eighteen years old, she moved to New York to become an actress, which did not help her.

Eve Chilton’s Career

Husband of Eve Chilton is Harvey Weinstein who assisted her to get a job as his assistant at Miramax; she worked with him from 1986 until her divorce in 2004. She is self-employed now, and it is said to be employed by the company of her family.


Eve Chilton Weinstein was born in Boston, USA to Maud Chilton and Tom Chilton. She belonged to a very wealthy family who originally lived in New England. His family’s source of income is to become a global law firm, which they founded in the United States known as Hunton & Williams.

Body Measure of Eve Chilton Weinstein:

The age of Eve Chilton Weinstein is 64 years. In november 2020, she will be able to turn 65 years old. The height of Eve Chelton is approximately 5 feet 6 inches and her body weight is approximately 60 kg and 132 pounds. Eve Chelton is a beautiful lady who has a slim body, measurement of her breasts is approximately 35 inches, her waist is approximately 27 inches and her hips are about 34 inches.

Eve Chilton Weinstein’s bra size is 34B and her dress size is 4 and her shoe size is 6 (US). Also, she has sharp wide black eyes and she also has blonde hair. She is a beautiful lady whose body is amazing.

Likes & Interests:

In the same way, such as every person else, Eve Chilton also has her own hobbies, likes and preferences which make her life interesting. So Continue reading below to test her likes and interests.


  • Eve Chilton Weinstein likes to watch movies. And she likes to watch Harry Potter and Les Miserables.
  • Eddie Redmayne is her favorite actor.
  • Emma Stone is her favorite actress.
  • She likes to eat Italian foods.
  • She likes “Black” color.
  • Her hobby is “Travelling”.
  • She likes to travel to “England in London”
  • Eve Chilton”s another hobby is “Playing Piano”,


And also Eve Chilton likes to live away from people. She speaks very softly and Eve Chilton is an ideal personality for her fans.

Marriage Life Of Eve Chelton: 

Her first husband’s name is Harvey Weinstein. Eve and Harvey met in 1986 and began dating soon after. Harvey Wenstein employed her as his assistant, then married her a year later in 1987. Eve Chilton gave birth to three daughters – their first daughter’s name is Remy who was born in 1995, their second daughter’s name is Emma who was born in1998, and their third daughter’s name is Ruth who was born in 2002.

Meanwhile, Harvey’s career was going well, and he was becoming more and more stable, which caused complications in his love life. Harvey was accused of sexually abusing women and asking them to sleep with him in exchange for a position or a job. In 2004, when it was discovered that Harvey was sleeping with other ladies, Eve appealed for divorce, and a favorable settlement was reached. That same year, he married Sal Martirano, who is a businessman, however they both separated soon, and Eve Chilton remained an official single.

Personal Life:

Eve Chilton Weinstein is the daughter of Maude Chilton and (mother) and Tom Chilton (father). She was born in Boston, (United States Of America), on November 1 in 1955. She is well known that Eve Chilton belonged to a wealthy family that originally lived in New England. She had great grandparents whose wealth has diminished the family lineage over time. The source of his wealth is a global law firm which he founded in the United States called Hunton & Williams.

Who Is Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein was born in 1952  in New York City to diamond-cutting parents. He got elementary education from John Bowne High School and got higher education from University of Buffalo. He is the producer of an American movie. Harvey, based entertainment company with his brother Bob Weinstein, that name was Miramex, in 1989 they produced many movies, including sex, lies, and videotapes. And in 1992, they also produced “The Crying Game”, 

In 1994, he produced Pulp Fiction, and Heavenly Creatures, and Flirting with Disaster in 1996, and Shakespeare’s Love in 1998 he also produced. On production of Shakespeare in Love, he won an Academy Award. As a producer of several dramas and music, he has additionally won many Awards, which includes August: Osage County and Billy Elliot Musical etc.

Harvey Weinstein’s Wives?

Harvey Weinstein lived a more private life with his first wife Eve Chilton, however as we know he has three daughters, the first daughter of Harvey Weinstein is Remy, who was born in 1995, the second daughter is Emma, who was ​​born in 1998, and the third daughter is Ruth is born in 2002. .

We know something else approximately Chapman due to how famous she is. She has been also play a rule In Project Runway All Stars as a cast member and has seemed in other movies and TV shows inclusive Match Point, The Nanny Diaries, Gossip Girl, and many greater she has based the Marchesa which is fashion label

Take a look at the details below about their children

More About Eve Chilton Weinstein’s Children?

Eve Chilton Weinstein has three daughters. The first is Lily which is also known as Remy, the second is Emma and the third is Ruth.


     1. Remy 


Remy is the first daughter of Harvey Weinstein and Eve Chilton, she is also known as Lily, she was born in 1995. The 25-year-old remains in the limelight until her father’s sexual abuse allegations have been exposed.

In 2017, Remy was called to the Los Angeles Police Department to say that Weinstein was “suicidal and depressed” among the charges. Page Six reported that Remy had said to the officers that when Weinstein returned home she was not in danger himself.


     2. Emma 


Emma Harvey and Eve’s second child. She was born in 1998. She is younger than Remy


     3. Ruth 


Ruth is the third daughter of Harvey and Eve and she is the youngest daughter of them and she was born in 2002. Ruth and Emma are both out of the realm of light.

Where is Eve Chilton Weinstein Now?

After Harvey Weinstein’s divorce, Eve got married with Sal Martiano who is a businessman, and moved to New York City. Since Martino had two sons from a previous relationship, Eve’s three daughters have been close since their marriage. Despite the fact that there are some contradictory news approximately Eve’s current marriage life and whether she remains married to Sal Martiano,

After Harvey Weinstein’s divorce, Eve was starting to live out of the people’s eyes, in particular considering his high-profile case made headlines. Even when Eve got married to Weinstein, Eve became a very private character, and she was rarely referred to in any interviews of Weinstein when they remained together.

Eve Chilton wants $5M to support the children:

Eve Chilton Weinstein has slapped Harvey Weinstein with a $5 million aid claim. And Harvey Weinstein Embarrassed and he thought that his wife, Eve chilton, is kicking him when he is alone.

Harvey Weinstein is concerned that his current wife, Georgina Chapman, is being “encouraged” by his divorce, with resources claiming he’s jealousing to his second wife. Notwithstanding all the fears of sexual harassment, Weinstein maintains that her priority is to give birth and care for the child, strengthening her relationship with her daughter Ruth, who has left her mom Eve Chilton.

Net Worth

Eve Chilton Weinstein is 64 years old. She has a stunning figure of 35-27-34. By the end of 2019, its total value is more than $25 million.

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