Types Of Statistics and How To Use Them

Types Of Statistics and How To Use Them


Thanks to the odds feed and specific statistics, that are accessible at the press of a button, whenever we step into the online world, you can make an educated decision without having to spend hours studying the history of two opposing teams. We no longer rely on pure luck, chance, or inspired guesses. This is where statistics step in and fill the gap for us. 

Although many businesses from hotels, clothing designers, music stores, vendors, marketing, and even politics rely heavily on the data to stay ahead, sports rely on a different set of statistics. Here are the main types of statistics that a dedicated bettor takes into consideration before placing a bet: 

1. Head to Head Statistics

Head to Head Statistics (abbreviated as H2H statistics) offer a very specific result based on the history of two opposing teams. It quickly calculates and displays the probability of a certain outcome, based on the past competitions and the results recorded at the time. 


This type of accurate information has been provided as a result of the continuous mistrust in the outcomes of athletic competition that the world has witnessed. Years ago, casino owners didn’t rely on these types of sports bets, but the tables have turned now. Statistical data changed the way people make logical decisions and predictions for the near and far future dramatically. Luckily, in the current times, with such impressive algorithms for statistics, it is almost as easy to foresee the result of a game as it is to schedule a doctor’s appointment. 

2. H2H No Statistics 

These abbreviations that you can see in certain columns in sportsbooks online are a reference to the number of the H2H matches between teams excluding the “friendly” ones. Although the title might have you clueless as to what it exactly means, it is actually easier to comprehend while you take a look in the live feed. Taking into account every little detail makes for a very accurate bigger picture that will help you make a decision. 

2. H2H % or Avg 

As you could tell by the symbol used after “H2H”, this type of statistics represents the average or the percentage for a particular outcome. This could be the average number of goals in the H2H meetings. 

Yet another relevant detail of the analysis is the filtering of the H2H No (head to head statistics number). If you are looking for value bets or trades with H2H No, you may notice that certain matches stand out with the other H2H %. This type of observation is usually kept for experienced bettors. 

It is, however, important to note that H2H trends may not be enough for having sufficient info to make a decision on a bet. The goal market is very specific and you need some more analysis before taking any decision. You could use seeing the players playing to see how motivated they are in order to have a specific  

3. Side Note

It might be overwhelming to read these technical terms and struggle to grasp them all at once. This level of knowledge might be difficult even for an experienced player. This is why it’s vital to take things slowly and gradually. Reducing everything to numbers and formulas can over-simplify as well as complicate certain situations. The best thing to do is take baby steps and start with small bets. 

4. Final Thoughts

Technology is here to help us gain access to knowledge and gain leverage instantly over other players. Sports started as a community activity, but nowadays things changed drastically. Impressive progress can be made with an exquisite algorithm securing your tactical moves.  

We live surrounded by technology and sophisticated algorithms and we can have access to a full report on what the odds are for a future competition, at any given time.  While there is a high chance that math is not your best asset, you can rely on live statistics to cover that weak spot for you.


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