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Why LED Light Bulbs for Trucks Are Worth the Price | HorseWorldJournal
Why LED Light Bulbs for Trucks Are Worth the Price

Why LED Light Bulbs for Trucks Are Worth the Price

From the title of this article, you might think that it’s going to be about justifying the cost of upgrading your truck’s lights to LEDs. Well, it’s not that this article isn’t about that, but you’re going to come to the realization pretty quickly that LED light bulbs for trucks aren’t even expensive. 

In a way, this article doesn’t even have a need to justify expense because there really is no expense. Depending on how you look at it, LED light bulbs will even pay for themselves, making it more expensive to stick with the incandescent lights or HID lights you’re currently using. By the end of this short piece, you’ll have an understanding of why these other options are not worth the price. 

1. LEDs have a long lifespan

First of all, you won’t be making replacements as frequently once you switch over to LED light bulbs. They last so much longer than incandescent and HID lights that it’s almost hard to believe it isn’t a joke. 

The incandescent and standard halogen bulbs that often come with cars or trucks will last a few thousand hours at the absolute most, and much less with moisture or oil intrusion. LEDs will last ten times more or longer than that. You’ll quickly save time and money just by making less frequent replacements. 

2. LEDs start right up

LEDs, unlike some other automotive lights, are not finicky when it comes to startup. Some other automotive lights need a little coaxing to reach full brightness, especially on very cold days. The same thing won’t happen with LEDs. They’ll start right up to their full brightness every time. 

3. LEDs are tough

Since LED light bulbs are not really bulbs and don’t even have a bulb, they’re a lot tougher than all other forms of automotive lighting, especially lights with glass bulbs. That is to say, there’s nothing on an LED that can really break. Plus, some LEDs are resistant to moisture, oil, salt, dirt, water and more, which is a lot more than all other automotive lights can say. 

4. LEDs draw less power

LEDs also draw a lot less power, which will not tax your electrical system as much as other forms of lighting. It also has the potential to extend the life of some of your components. 

5. LEDs are better for the environment

Some LEDs are made from components that are up to 95% recyclable, and even those that are not do not contain expressly harmful components.

6. LEDs often provide better, more focused light output

Depending on where you get your LED light bulbs, they’ll have the potential to offer better, more focused light output than the bulbs they replace. For example, many of the LEDs at Diode Dynamics feature TIR Optics, which are optically superior for brighter, more focused light output.

7. Some LEDs are plug and play solutions

In addition to these above benefits of LED lights, some producers make LED lights that are plug and play solutions. If you’ve never heard the term before, it means that you can replace the old light with the new LED without making any modifications to your truck. You can “plug” it in and “play” right away. 

Need more reasons to upgrade to LED light bulbs for trucks? If so, visit DiodeDynamics.com where you’ll find not only the lights themselves but also the resources to help you make a better informed decision. In fact, their website is full of information that you’ll find helpful insomuch as it comes to making a well informed purchase. Also, you’ll find that their automotive LED lights are industry leading in performance and features, but don’t take our word for it alone. Visit their website today and give them a call at 314-205-3033 if you still have questions.

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