5 North East India Hidden Treasures that you would like to be on your list of places to visit

5 North East India Hidden Treasures that you would like to be on your list of places to visit

This dark world has countless secret treasures, which are recognized by only the people and the tough tourists who have taken the courage to consider its unknown realms. There are various secrets in northeastern India, ranging from ancient tribes to hidden wartime chambers, that can only be identified when they are visited. North India is a lovely part of the world, full of cultural treasures, secret getaways, and the best spot for adventure-lovers. It is a region of exotic culture, desert, spiritualism. These 5 places are worth visiting for your tour to India.


Ladakh is the representation of a lifetime experience. Ladakh is often called ‘Little Tibet,’ but the desert is cold at high altitudes and can leave you breathless. Ladakh’s whole countryside is beautiful. The hypocritical mountains offset the snow-capped mountains. Ladakh translates literally as the country with high passes.’ Ladakh is a stunning hill and brilliant technologically. The Gravity Hill is a lens that rises at a height of 11,000 feet, making you think that you are rising, rather than going down. Ladakh has beautiful temples between the mountains, temples of Buddha known as (Hemis Monastery. Spituk Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Alchi Monastery) which look robust, gorgeous, and worth visiting.


Sikkim is situated in the northeast of India, at the most unexplored areas that make it a mystery. However an ethereal sight in the back of the dominant Himalayas battling the swift Teesta River for your focus. Its richness is Sikkim’s marvel. There’s enough for all with Buddhist monasteries, waterfalls and Himalayas, calm lakes and green valleys, majestic waters, and even caves! Sikkim is the ideal location whether you are looking for peace or adventure.


Meghalaya is one of the most interesting areas in the north-east of Indian. Meghalaya is a state close to Assam in which women own the region. This is one of the few locations with a matrilineal structure in the world. Families are given the surname of the mother here and the wife owns the country naturally. For that Shillong Temple, Meghalaya is also known for and an attraction for visitors must visit. Meghalaya is not so much visited, it is the ideal hidden treasure for many visitors. This area is not only socially wonderful but also stunning in landscape. Meghalaya should be on your to-do list, surrounded by rainforests, a living roast, wildlife sanctuary, and a whole eco-tourism-based culture.

Spiti Valley  

In the middle of the Himachal, Spiti Valley is a paradise. The building sits at 12,500 meters above sea level and is both an architectural and geological landmark. Spiti Valley is the largest Tibetan-Indian boundary zone. Spectacular ranges, snow-powered mountains, and some ancient ones can be found in the home. Both the Main Monastery and Monastery of Tabo are based in Spiti Valley. Some of the greatest and most prestigious monasteries in the country. These monasteries are also funded by the Dalai Lama.


Khajjiar is another lovely region in Northern India, called after India’s Mini Switzerland. It is a mountain resort situated in Himachal Pradesh, Chamba District. Often Khajjiar is called India’s Mini Swiss. Khajjiar is a haven of greenery with a charming touch. Khajjiar is surrounded by thick pine trees and woods of Deodar, creating imagery. Khajjiar’s unique eco-environment is part of the unique experience. A truly different aesthetic is the mixture of lakes, pastures, and woods in the busy Indian area. There is a temple called jagdambe Mata temple in the middle of the green mountains which adds extra beauty to the environment.


The Northern part of India is the beauty of the country which attracts people to visit plus places like these temples which are built at a perfect location makes it more beautiful, So whenever you are planning to India then you should add these places in your list to visit because it will be worth remembering.

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