How to apply for a personalised employment pass in Singapore

How to apply for a personalised employment pass in Singapore

Personalised employment pass Singapore permit is a type of employment visa available in Singapore. This pass has more flexibility compared to the other employment passes in Singapore. That is because the candidate can apply for it without the sponsorship of an employer. As a person looking for a job in Singapore, this is a work visa that can be suitable for you.

A personalised employment pass Singapore permit (PEP) allows the worker to work in any industry in Singapore as long as they comply with the requirements of that specific industry. It makes it easier for them to switch jobs and travel in and out of the country without an entry visa. Furthermore, they can also bring along their family members in Singapore. Companies like DBS bank are looking to hire foreigners to work in their branches nationwide. Thus, having a PEP work visa will allow you to apply for these companies. Here is how you can apply for a PEP.

Step #1 – Know if you are qualified for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa

Not everyone is eligible to get a work visa in Singapore. That also applies to the PEP. One of the qualifications is the minimum salary requirement. Let’s take Janna for example. Janna is an E Pass holder and has been working in Singapore for almost two years. She will have to renew her pass but she was thinking of getting a PEP instead. Her current monthly salary is S$15,000. Thus, she is qualified for a personalised employment pass Singapore visa. That is because as an existing employment pass or E Pass holder, she needs to be earning a minimum salary of S$12,000 a month. Thus, a fixed annual salary of at least S$144,000 is needed to get this type of work visa.

The scenario is different if you are an overseas professional. You need to have at least S$18,000 as your last drawn fixed monthly salary. This should be drawn within six months of your personalised employment pass Singapore application.

Step #2 – Prepare the work visa required documents

Once you determine that you are eligible for the PEP, you must prepare the document that you have to submit in your application. As a current E Pass holder, you need to submit the details of your passport. If it is available, you will need to supply the name and address of your employer, as well as your job and salary details. Your local contact details should also be submitted. If you have Dependent and Long-term visit passes connected to your E Pass, you should also supply their details in your personalised employment pass Singapore application.

In the situation of a non-E Pass holder, you will have additional documents to provide aside from the aforementioned. You need to have copies of the personal particulars page of your passport and your latest resume and relevant educational certificates. You must submit your past three months’ salary slips and bank account statements and latest tax statements. If you were previously employed, you need to present your employment contract. In addition, you need to make sure that all work visa required documents are in English. If not, you need to have them translated into English by either a certified translator, an Embassy officer, or a notary public staff.

Step #3 – Submit and wait for the personalised employment pass Singapore approval

After submitting the documents with your personalised employment pass Singapore application, you will need to wait for approval. Usually, it takes eight weeks to process a work visa application. Once approved, you will be given an In-Principle Approval letter. This document is only valid for six months. Thus, you need to request a PEP card within that time frame.

You need to go to Singapore to be able to request the personalised employment pass Singapore card. You can submit the request to the Ministry of Manpower office or through the online portal. There will be more steps depending on your status as a foreign worker. If there are no issues, the Ministry of Manpower will tell you when you can claim your work visa pass. 

Although the steps for the personalised employment pass Singapore application is straightforward, you can find this a little bit difficult and time-consuming. If you don’t have the time to apply for this, you can always hire an employment work visa agent to apply for you. 

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