Laravel Vs. NodeJS: What’s Best for Your Business?

Laravel Vs. NodeJS: What’s Best for Your Business?

The digital era we are living in today has brought many incredible technologies to our attention- all designed specifically to counter fundamental coding issues faced by developers all around the world. Many technologies we work on aim to solve developmental problems and ease out computing-related tasks.

In this write-up, we will discuss the two fundamental technologies that pave the way for a better coding experience and incredible development opportunities. 

This article will talk about Laravel and NodeJS- both brilliant technologies offering a set of features unique to just them. 

Many entrepreneurs find it challenging to make up their minds between two equally powerful technologies when given a choice. But that’s what we are here for! 

We will provide you with information that’ll help you make an informed decision on your project. 

Let’s start with the basics: 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a framework based in PHP, designed carefully to develop high-end applications. The framework offers a robust collection of tools and an elegant app architecture to create great web applications. Moreover, laravel provides almost all the significant characteristics found in popular technologies such as CodeIgnitor, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and many more. 

What’s more, is the fact that laravel is open-sourced in nature. Laravel allows a save up of crucial development time since the developer using it doesn’t have to code the entire application from scratch. The framework is optimum in all perspectives, be it security or providing a performance boost. 

If a developer has worked with PHP syntax and features in the past, working with Laravel will be a piece of cake for them. The brilliant framework is designed to offer a simplistic web application development with robust and secure features.

Many companies and entrepreneurs prefer to hire expert laravel developers since it can effectively speed up the development process and save time. 

Laravel Facts and Figures: 

  • Taylor Otwell developed Laravel in 2011, and it has managed to make its place as one of the most popular PHP frameworks after the popular CodeIgnitor. 
  • Architecturally, Laravel follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. 
  • The goal of Laravel is to make specific parts of the web development process easier
  • It offers multiple HTML templates, MVC architecture, database interactions, testing, routing, and much more. 

Pros of Laravel: 

  • One of the best framework options for PHP developers
  • Eliminates the need to write basic HTML codes based on the MVC template
  • Quick and straightforward to understand with significant documentation
  • Allows automation and fast testing, thanks to the dependency injection functionality. 
  • Aids in abstraction as assisted by ORM
  • Integration of logic is simple, thanks to the blade design engine integrated into the website

What is NodeJS? 

NodeJS is a popular server-side platform developed on Chrome’s JS runtime libraries. 

It is built using the V8 Engine of JavaScript. Using incredible NodeJS, developers can create server-side, cross-platform, networking applications. It is pioneered by Ryan Dahl and was launched in 2009. 

Characteristic of NodeJS:

  • It is an idea for developing data-intensive, real-time applications that are deployable across various devices
  • It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. Therefore, it proves to be a lightweight and efficient platform for app development. 
  • It offers a rich library of multiple javascript modules that help simplify web-based application development to a great extent. 

The efficiency of the great NodeJS is why many companies prefer to hire node js developers for most of their projects. 

Facts and Figures of NodeJS: 

  • It is a runtime environment based on JavaScript
  • Uses an event-driven and effective non-blocking I/O model 
  • NodeJS comes with a package library called NPM, which is open-sourced and one of the world’s largest.
  • It is designed to create scalable applications making use of open-sourced technologies. 
  • Its connection handling mechanism is better at efficiency when compared to the classic thread-based model. 
  • NodeJS allows the developers to eliminate the worries of deadlocking the process because it uses a no lock concept. 

Pros of NodeJS:

  • It offers an outstanding package manager
  • The application’s performance built-in NodeJS are better than others
  • It performs brilliantly when building APIs.
  • Handles consequent user requests quickly and efficiently
  • Provides a massive user group support

The Comparison: 

Laravel  NodeJS
Is a PHP MVC Framework It is a JS runtime-based environment built on Google’s V8 Engine.
A bit behind NodeJS in terms of the market share. It is considered the market leader of technology in comparison to Laravel. 
Does not have an I/O model since it’s just a PHP based framework  It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, which makes it efficient and lightweight. 
It integrates greatly with the front-end view library. No integration feature is built into NodeJS as such
Leading in app development for career and education, business and industry, shopping, and 95 other areas.  User base in Internet and telecom, arts and entertainment, autos and vehicles and electronics and computers. 
Best suited for applications making use of MySQL and Maria DB. It is equipped to work well with ExpressJS and MongoDB.
Laravel is efficient in providing security to your application, making use of its own frameworks. To provide security, NodeJS has to depend on the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, making use of third-party tools.


Whether to hire laravel developers or that of NodeJS depends on what you need your project to achieve. 

After this detailed comparison, we can conclude- 

  • Both frameworks have their unique functionalities, benefits, and drawbacks.
  • Determining the platform suiting best to your application depends on your requirements and needs entirely. 


After looking at both of them together and individually, it would be easy for you to determine whether you need to hire node js developers or ones that are skilled in Laravel for your project. From developing a web-based application to any other services, both the technologies are efficient. Thus, the choice you make should be backed by a lot of research and thought. 

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