Why should you lend your old cars to the free junk car removal companies?

Why should you lend your old cars to the free junk car removal companies?

When you’ve got an old vehicle on your property that is no longer in use, getting rid of it can be challenging. Most junk car removal methods leave you paying for the tow truck and getting no benefits in return. Therefore, many owners choose to abandon their scrap vehicle and allow it to take up their property’s space unnecessarily. 

If you are also struggling with such circumstances, you may not have considered the option of free junk car removal. When you lend your scrap car to such a service, you get to enjoy several benefits that you cannot get anywhere else. Below we are mentioning a few of them for you. Please read them carefully and schedule your appointment today. 

1. Free towing

One of the significant reasons people hire free scrap car removal in Edmonton is that these services don’t charge a single penny for the towing of a vehicle, no matter how heavy the car is. On the other hand, if you sell it to any potential buyer, you will likely take charge of towing.

2. Cash for junk 

Many free junk car removal companies offer a fair amount of cash in return for your scrap car. You will need to provide a few details to them including,

  • Valid Picture ID
  • The Vehicle’s Value
  • If the Vehicle is Operable
  • Vehicle Title
  • The Vehicles Make, Model, Year
  • Identify any Damage

Providing the above details to a free scrap car removal company will save you from future liabilities and help the company decide a fair value of your junk car. Conversely, a scrap car buyer will offer you a nominal amount for the metal your vehicle has and earn benefits from selling the spare parts of your junk car, which is definitely not a fair deal.

3. An excellent way to get rid of almost any vehicle

You may be thinking your car isn’t qualified for free scrap car removal because it has rusting at every part or is damaged beyond repair. But, a scrap car removal company is still likely to accept your vehicle. Nearly any vehicle, any model, in any condition, will be accepted. However, there is a condition that you must own the vehicle if you are lending it for cash.

4. You will have more space.

Not only junk cars provide you cash, but also a space that it has been taking for so long. If you have a junk car parked in your backyard or garage, imagine how much space you would have to utilize in other projects once your junk vehicle is gone. That is why most owners choose to hire free junk car removal in Edmonton to attain maximum benefits while getting rid of their scrap. 

We hope the above post was informative and comprehended the right information required by you. 

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