Essentials that You Need for Your Skin Care Routine

Essentials that You Need for Your Skin Care Routine

It’s sad that we all are not blessed with good, healthy skin. Some of us have to work extremely hard to get what others are luckily or genetically born with. Some of us work hard at it and still can’t get nice skin no matter what we try. Guess for most of us it just is not meant to be for us to have healthy good looking skin. A Lot of us try really hard and try anything we could get our hands on in hopes of getting healthy good looking skin. Unfortunately it really is not that easy for everyone. Some people don’t even wash their faces or moisturize and they have nicer skin than many of us.

There are people that go through a whole ritual in order to get the skin they want. It’s like, how do they have that much time to go through that everyday. Most of us have just a few minutes to wash our faces and brush our teeth. There is no way most of us can spend up to an hour doing step after step to try, yes try to get nice healthy skin. Because nothing is guaranteed. Everything is like try at your own risk. If it works, good, if it does not, tough luck. On to the next thing.

You see things that say they will help you get nice, healthy looking skin on t.v. but most of those never tend to work out. They just drain you of your money and give you false hopes. You order something you see on t.v. or online and you anxiously wait for it to arrive so you could be on your way to healthy good looking skin. Then you get to use it as directe, finish the entire product as described and your face still looks the same. It really is a heartbreaker. Some will tell you. “At Least you tried it”. Yeah I’ve tried who knows how many different things with the same result. The only good thing about me trying it is that you don’t have to go spend your money on it.

You even go online and read the reviews before you buy a product. It seems though that most of those reviews were written by blind people. You honestly can’t believe what you hear or read. You just have to be the unlucky one and find out the hard way. You hear your friends talking about this new hyaluronic acid serum that worked wonders for her mother’s skin. Yeah, too bad I’m not her mother.

If you want to get a daily routine going there are a few things you really need to get your hands on and make sure you do this daily. A face cleanser to wash your face, a toner for balancing your skin, and a moisturizer to hydrate and soften your skin. This really should be all you need and just stay consistent about doing it daily.

So yeah, what works for one person will not work for everyone. One person’s skin care routine might not be the routine the next person needs. We are all different and have different skin types. Start off with a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer and work your way up from there. You’ll find what works for you. It really doesn’t hurt to try new things. We are all after the same goal. Good, nice, healthy looking skin. God bless!

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