Find Where You Rank on Google | Keyword Rank Checker

Find Where You Rank on Google | Keyword Rank Checker

Suppose you want to find out about the ranking position of your website concerning Google or any other search engine. In that case, there is only one way by which you can do so. Using keywords is the best way to make your site visible and rank for a certain position. So, the position and search density of the keywords that you have used in your content or are planning on using would affect the ranking position of your website. Anyone related to web management and seo would know that keywords are an integral part of SO as these words and phrases are the only things that would help you index and then rank your site.

Now to get a better position or rank you have to, of course, use the most credible and high-authority keywords. You can easily check the ranks of keywords by using the most reliable keyword rank checker tools. There are dozens of free and paid keyword rank checker tools on the web, but not all of them are easy to use and accurate in their results. This is why we have shortlisted the most authentic keyword rank checker tools in this post!

The best keyword tracking tools found on the web

Below we have discussed the best keyword position checker tools that can be used by anyone and everyone. 

Keyword rank checker tool by SearchEngineReports

The Keyword Position Checker by is one of the leading services that you can find online. This keyword rank checker has direct integrations with Google so you can easily find out the position of a keyword and a website having those words on the search engine. This keyword rank checker tool is quite easy to use, and there is no need for any practice or experience to use this tool. If you still want to know the details, then read the points below:

  • Open this rank checker online on your browser, and you cannot install it as it’s working is based on the cloud. 
  • Now when you enter the tool’s interface, you would see different input sections that you have to fill out.
  • First, you have to specify your domain as well as one of your competitors.
  • After that, you have to select the search engine for which you want to find the position.
  • Next comes the selection of a device for which you want to know the ranking position.
  • Lastly, you have to enter the five main keywords that you have used in your content.

After completing all the input sections, you can easily find out the ranking position of the site by clicking on the ‘check search ranking’ button!

SEO Profiler

The SEOProfiler is one of the best online tools for checking the ranking position of a website for the keywords used in it. This online rank checker tool is known as one of the easiest to use programs found on the internet. This keyword rank checker tool is integrated with Google Analytics so you can easily find out the position of your site on Google. You have to enter the keywords or the phrases that you have entered in your content, or you can also add the URL of your site for complete scanning. This tool can easily find the keywords being used in a website and their role in the current ranking position of the website. The rank checker can also tell you about the new keywords with a better search density that you can replace with the old ones. 


This is a very popular platform for finding and checking keywords. This website tool is best for use by beginners as well as by professionals as it is very easy to use. All you have to do is initiate the site tool on your browser as it is a cloud-based program. You will see an upload bar in the tool in which you have to enter your website URL or the one of your competition. If you enter the URL in the tool, then you can easily find out the keywords used on the site and the position they share on the search engine. If you enter the keywords in the upload bar, then you can find out the exact ranking position of the specific keyword. Using this technique, you can add the most top keywords in your new content!

Google keyword planner

The core service of this tool offered by Google is to plan the right keywords for your website both in terms of quantity and search density. This tool has many other interesting features using which you can check the ranking position of keywords. You have to enter your website URL or the keywords themselves to find out their current position on Google. You can also track any changes in the ranking position of your website because of the keywords that you have used. Using this tool, you can get all the necessary information that is best for updating content!

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